Fouzia Fakih

Beauty, as the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder; however, Mrs. Fouzia Fakih thinks anyone can make everyone behold their beauty. Mrs. Fouzia Fakih is a professionally trained and certified henna design artist that has made it her mission to create a place where women can come and beautify themselves. A one-stop place where you as a woman get all your dream made into reality.

That was her dream which she made a reality in 2010 when she opened her very first henna beauty salon named Fouziana. Then to ensure that every woman gets the complete package, she began Fouzia Style in 2013. At both Fouziana and Fouzia Style, a woman’s beauty comes first, and this appreciation and understanding fuel her passion for what she does.

Our Team

We Are Certified Henna Design Specialist

We don’t just offer to do your henna designs because we can, we do so with full certification. Mrs. Fouzia Fakih is certified in henna design and an expert in everything it entails. She knows this and ensures that all staffs employed are conversant with all latest design to ensure you get the best.

Professionally Trained Personnel

All the staff at both salons are well trained at the henna design and are dedicated to making you a beautiful, satisfied customer. We create new intricate designs monthly and change the regular following the latest trend. Our staffs are trained to follow some of the highest health, safety and professional standards to keep to our mantra of giving you the utmost best always.